Beyond Eden.

9.14.2021 Dear dad, Over the summer, I participated in a book club with the Eden Invitation and… And now I am stuck because what do I say? The best way to introduce you to Eden Invitation is not to quote from their website “About Page,” though you should check it out (I will provide the […]

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Our Father.

6.18.21 Dear dad, Happy happy birthday to you, my sweet dad. Adam and I went to Mass this morning in Tampa, and mom went to Mass at home. We go because we are your family, your beloved wife and children. We are yours and we feel the most yours and the most grateful to be […]

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Good-bye for now.

4.1.2021 Dear dad, What if you knew you were going to die? What if you were told three days before? Only you knew. Would you have told us? Would you have kept it to yourself? Would you have told mom? You loved each other unlike anything or anyone else. You were made one in an […]

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