My vote.

10.27.2020 Dad, This is about to be new territory for me. Much more your expertise. I wish now we could have conversations about it. After all, you took me the first time I could vote. I actually remember the day very well. I don’t have very many memories from when you were healthy, but that […]

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Burn me beautiful.

5.3.2020 Dear dad, I was insulted by Jesus today. I didn’t hear a voice or a sign or anything like that. I was merely reading the Bible. Merely, is how I often look at reading Scripture. However, it is this mindset I’ve learned is quite the same as the mindset of the Pharisees when Jesus […]

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Let’s get this Bread.

4.28.2020 Dear dad, Adam and I have been playing virtual chess. I found the electric chess board I used to play with all the time in the basement. That was kind of our thing, wasn’t it? Chess and battleship. Gosh, battleship, what a game. I really don’t remember who was better between us. I am […]

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