The return of Omicron: descendant of Optimus Prime…back again?

1.11.2022 Dear dad, Has anyone else experienced a return of the symptoms of omicron after having shed them exactly one week after testing positive the first time? Kidding but not kidding. This would be horrible. Forgive my raw humor. It was just for the sake of what writing teachers call an “attention grabber.” Th return […]

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8.13.20 Dad, It is your sweet wife’s birthday today. A big one, as you already know, I am sure. She will probably give me a hard time about publishing a letter revealing she is sixty years old, but I think it is important to specify. We all talk so often how growing in age is […]

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4.30.2020 Dear dad, I’ve always wanted my life to be a movie. Maybe it’s why I enjoy listening to film scores so much. The instrumentals provide the backdrop, while I write the script. Music has such a power to wield our emotions and feelings. It often feeds our mood and reflects it. We all have […]

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