The arena.

8.19.20 Dad, I have been waiting on this a long time. Mulling over when and how to express something so lofty. So precious as life. Like holding a bird in your hands. Cupping them firmly enough so he doesn’t fly away but gently so as not to harm him. I think the truth is often […]

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March of time.

4.22.2020 Dear dad, When I went back to TCU after you died, I was tugged by both relief and dread. Relief pulling me out of the thick misery fogging our home and from under the dark cloud held above my head like an umbrella. Dread pulling me into a fake world, a snow globe where […]

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Is and not yet.

“I keep looking for my dad’s physical body, his physical voice, his physical embrace, but I don’t find it. It isn’t here, and as hard as that is, as much as it feels like there is a void, the absence is a beautiful thing. To the wisdom of the world, it would seem that absence […]

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