Our Father.

6.18.21 Dear dad, Happy happy birthday to you, my sweet dad. Adam and I went to Mass this morning in Tampa, and mom went to Mass at home. We go because we are your family, your beloved wife and children. We are yours and we feel the most yours and the most grateful to be […]

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My vote.

10.27.2020 Dad, This is about to be new territory for me. Much more your expertise. I wish now we could have conversations about it. After all, you took me the first time I could vote. I actually remember the day very well. I don’t have very many memories from when you were healthy, but that […]

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The Muses.

4.16.2020 Dear dad, “Would you listen to him? He’s making the story sound like some great tragedy.” “Lighten up dude.” “We’ll take it from here darling.” You go girls. “We are the Muses, goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes.” I am tempted to type out the whole song here, but surely it would […]

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