The Single and fatherless Chronicles, or SfCs, are letters telling of the particular joys and challenges of being single and without a father. My story is one without my biological father, though I have many father figures in my life. I hope to relate to the ache left in the loss of a father, whether physically gone or physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually absent, in addition to being in a season of singleness. The SfCs will speak to the unique nature of longing for the love and safety provided by real fatherhood, while navigating the desire for an intimate relationship with a man. At times, funny and lighthearted, and at others, unbearable, but always, plain and unfiltered.

2.14.20_SfCs: The Most Powerful Magic

My dad used to read Harry Potter to me before going to bed when I was little. I can’t see him reading to me; I can’t feel the warmth of his body as he laid close to me; I can’t hear him tell of the heroics of Harry, Ron and Hermione or try and recite […]

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12.26.19_SfCs: The Lonely Aisle

I desperately want to talk to my dad, want to cry out daddy and run and fall into his arms. I want to fall asleep on his shoulder in the chair in our living room. I want to see the worry and desire for protection in his face when I go on a date with […]

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9.17.19_SfCs: Secret Life

In the movie, Secret Life of Bees, Lily shoots her mom accidentally when she is a child. Her mom was leaving Lily’s dad, T-Ray, and coming back to get Lily. T-Ray was angry, and as Lily tries to hand her mom the gun, she shoots her. Lily is left with a wound of feeling unlovable, […]

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8.16.20_SFCs: Three to be married.

Dad, There are times when all I seem to think about is boys and relationships. It’s like free floating on waves. I bob up to the peak of the wave and see clearly, then proceed to fall to the bottom (the “trough” in technical terms) awaiting the next peak. The time between one peak and […]

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