“When you visualize and internalize Christ personally anointing you and putting his seal of adoption upon your life, freedom and risk-taking become a lifestyle as opposed to an abstract ideal. Fear and condemnation are swallowed up by hope and acceptance. Your countenance becomes wildly refreshing. You exude peace, passion, goofiness, and fun. When the process is complete, you are fearless. Your fearless confidence creates humility about your successes and lightheartedness about your failures. It focuses you on your core strengths and passions and allows you to let go of labels, expectations, and the concern of failing. You live fearlessly, for you know that when you fail you fall into the arms of the one whom no kingdom, plan, authority, or power can stop or diminish. Accept Christ’s deposit. His spirit in you creates the shared, compassionate lifestyle called discipleship. His Kingdom is at hand and his deposit establishes it in you and through you.”



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