Dear TCU.

1.24.20 Dear dad, It grieves me to say this, but I guess I should have known in light of this season of unveilings; my beloved TCU is woefully whitewashed. Of course, I know white people are very much in the majority on campus, but it did not occur to me that this place I love […]

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My [intra]racial heart.

In studying the life of Jesus in the Gospels recently, something has continuously struck me as odd. Early in His ministry when Jesus is healing the sick and giving sight to the blind, there are multiple instances where He requests the individual He has just cured not to tell anyone, to keep this miracle quiet. […]

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[12.26.19] Dear dad.

I desperately want to talk to you, want to cry out daddy and run and fall into your arms. I want to fall asleep on your shoulder in the chair in the living room. I want to see the worry and slight alarm in your face when I go on a date with a guy. […]

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