Woman of the desert.

In the story The Alchemist, the main character, Santiago, falls in love with a woman, Fatima, he meets on the pursuit of his treasure. She lives at the oasis in the desert, and the caravan he is traveling with stops there before continuing on to the Egyptian pyramids. The caravan ends up staying there longer than they... Continue Reading →

Buying time.

Dear friend, I am not sure when this started, but as long as I can remember it has always been the Sajewich family way to set our clocks fast. The oven is the main keeper of the time because the kitchen stands central in relation to the rest of the first floor. In preparation to... Continue Reading →

Open wound.

Dear dad, It is said things get better with time, time heals all wounds…well I can’t say that’s been my experience, quite the opposite in fact. Four years since you died, and my soul feels exceptionally tortured. I cannot say for sure, but it seems much more so than it did right afterwards because now,... Continue Reading →

Truth and dare.

Dear dad, Womanhood hit pretty hard today and can’t say I feel too fond of myself. Besides the physical wrath, the mental and emotional assault was quite intense too. I was thinking about the scene in "Mockingjay Part II" where Peeta joins the star squad with Katniss in the Capital. He is explaining that he... Continue Reading →

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